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What is Fitness Behavior Change Coaching?

Fitness Behavior Change Coaching bridges the gap between a weight-loss plan and the long-term implementation of healthy habits. By addressing the behaviors and beliefs holding you back we can help you say goodbye to the unwanted weight for good. We will work 1-on-1 to build the healthy lifestyle that suits you, your needs, and your values.

My 12-week transformation program delivers the weight loss you want and the tools to sustain your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life! To learn more about how this program can transform your life, set up a 10-minute phone call by clicking “Book A Call” down below.

Success Stories

What my clients say

Kevin is a fantastic trainer, and truly insightful in the areas of personal fitness and diet.  I have learned an enormous amount about how to work out and stretch in ways that maximize my gym performance.  In less than one year I achieved my weight loss goals and surpassed my lifting and strength goals. Kevin then helped me to establish new goals which I am excited to work towards.

Matt Howard

Kevin was available, knowledgeable and supported me through the ups and downs. It was the hardest 40 pounds I ever lost but had been the easiest to keep off thanks to him not only helping me lose weight but teaching me about the process along the way. His enthusiasm and excitement for me as I reached my goals helped me to want to continue the work.

Christine Joslin

Kevin legitimately saved my life. He advised me on diet, workouts. He helped keep me motivated. One thing Kevin does that a lot of fitness coaches don’t or can’t do is that Kevin has this incredible ability to put himself in his client’s shoes. He instinctively knows what’s best for his clients. I can’t recommend him enough. He truly saved and improved my life.

Nick Corvino

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Behavior Change Coaching enables us to create the program that fits your lifestyle for the long term!

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